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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is fundamental to conducting business, and all WEMBRACE workers are required to adhere to our corporate compliance regulations, regardless of their location, nature of work, or department.

Our business conduct policy includes rules that are applicable to workers on a daily basis and addresses corporate integrity, product and policy knowledge, asset management, compliance processes, and relationships with customers and partners. Employees at Wembrace are required to be well conversant with our compliance standards by meticulously completing courses on our code of conduct.

All employees, but particularly those in the commercial division, are required to acquire a thorough understanding of proper interactions with health care providers and other business partners and dealers in regard to bribery, improper travel, gifts & entertainment, conflicts of interest, and the responsible use of social media and electronic communication tools. Managers are accountable for ensuring that all new Wembrace employees get comprehensive training on the company’s code of conduct and corporate compliance culture.

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