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Manufacturing highly compliant and Efficacious Formulations

At Wembrace Biopharma, we produce highly compliant and efficacious formulations.

Wembrace Biopharma’s manufacturing plants are supported by award-winning WHO-GMP certified facilities and state-of-the-art machinery from IMA Group, a renowned leader in advanced automation technology.

Italian machinery is often synonymous with reliability and innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Automation technology plays a crucial role in pharmaceutical manufacturing  and ensuring consistency in quality, efficacious and safe drug production processes.

Efficacious Formulations

Solan Facility (Himachal Pradesh):

  • Manufactures conventional and dispersible tablets.
  • Utilizes various packing methods to ensure optimal outcomes while maintaining quality and cleanliness.
  • Uses Airless Pump Bottles to protect cream and lotion formulations from contamination, oxidation, and to extend shelf life.
  • This helps preserve the product’s integrity and shelf life.
  • Airless pump bottle with a disc mechanism, a disc inside the bottle moves upward as the product is dispensed. This upward movement creates a vacuum effect, pushing the product towards the pump.
  • This minimizes product waste, as there is less likelihood of product being left at the bottom of the bottle that cannot be easily accessed.

Ludhiana Facility: 

  • Produces high-potency  injectables, including specialized forms like lyophilized and lipid suspension, as well as ready-to-use liquid injectables.
  • Implements complex processes and rigorous compliance standards to manufacture oncology-specific products.
  • Utilizes high-quality tubular glass vials for packaging cytotoxic substances, ensuring optimal lyophilization outcomes and improved product inspection.
  • Specialized Building for Cytotoxic Products: The Ludhiana facility has a dedicated building for the production of cytotoxic products. It includes separate sections for storing raw materials and packaging materials, production of cancer products, finished goods warehousing, and utility areas.

The manufacturing facility contains a specialized building to produce cytotoxic goods. Raw materials and packaging materials are stored in a designated section of the facilities. Additionally, there is a distinct structure for the production of cancer products (liquid and lyophilized injections) and other oral solid dose and dry powder injection. In addition, there is a separate warehouse for finished items and a fully functional utility area. A well-equipped and self-sufficient quality control laboratory analyses the items. The location is GMP-certified by the WHO.

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